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October 2018 Jokes

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The Continuing Crisis

Bloomberg Spandex Cult Plans To Bury U.S. Under Bike Lanes

Ex-NYC Mayor’s Media Hints  He May Run for President In 2020 Is A Signal To Spandex Cult To Begin Operation “Criss Cross”. “If this sick plot succeeds the entire country will be buried under hundreds of thousands of miles of bike lanes. Motor traffic will come to a halt, no pedestrian wil be safe .” Alex Jones   

Millennial Vote ?

Democrat Strategists who are counting on a heavy turnout from college educated Millennials to effect a Mid -Term “Blue Wave” report difficulty creating messages that appeal to them. Here’s a clue WHY ! 


BOOKS :How To Live With A Huge Penis Review

Even if you do not own an enormous organ–make that, especially if–strategic placing of this valuable volume will prove most helpful when passively scoring crease is your only option –so reports our advice columnist Ask The Ass Man  

VIDEO: Make $$$ Laughing

Inappropriate And Non-Stop High Pitched Public Laughter Intelligently Deployed Can  Snag You A Valuable Insanity Disability.  Food , Housing , Transportation,  Drugs—even Social Security !—are yours with minimum paper work and no standing in line

ARTS: Club Plans To Move French"Louvre" To Canton, OH

After being insulted by French Museum dickhead management while waiting in line our club treasurer bought the place and is having it shipped to an empty field next to the NFL Hall Of Fame. He plans to sell old art on E-bay and put in food courts . 

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What Are The Top 20 Funniest Novels Ever ?

We'll Be Announcing Our Picks Real Soon

Finding a seriously funny book to read seems to take more effort than actually writing one –at least, judging from the crap publishers put out with the label “Hilarious” slapped on the cover. The book on the right actually is hilarious but it helps if you’re living with a psycho . But does it make the Top 20 Funniest Novels EVER ?