Cuomo Defends No-English Suicide Hot Lines

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Callers to New York Suicide Hot Lines complaining their calls are being answered by Spanish and Punjabi speaking offshore operators, drew an angry response from Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday. “You believe those nut sacks? Let’s be clear: our data show these so-called  ‘Early Exiters’  are ten times more likely to be white, owe back tax and have outstanding traffic fines.  So demanding concierge service just because they’re thinking about sucking on a tailpipe is a bit rich.   But that’s not what gets me. The call centers are in Queens and the operators are hardworking immigrants who have to know at least 100 English words before they can put on a headset. That’s about 50 more words than the vocabulary of your average Fox viewer or Post reader ”


Pointing out that callers who could understand the operators say they were told they had to provide a credit card,  bank pin number and buy Lotto tickets before counseling could begin, Cuomo was apoplectic  “Complete Horse Shit! The nutball has been ID’d by phone number, so we already know everything –A to Z—starting with the exact dimension of his  Grandma’s Anal pore down to the last time he had a sexual thought about a Zebra. And they are not selling Lotto tickets, they are selling a state sports betting app. I’ll tell you this: if you don’t want to go on living after hearing ‘You Can’t Win It, If You’re Not In It,” in Punjabi –what can I tell you? Musical poetry.”

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William Benson Huber

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