Insurance Salesman Says For The Right Movie Deal He’d Do Harvey Weinstein

In a lengthy twenty minute interview discussing his 27 years selling life insurance, Brad Suggs says in looking back over his career he’d trade it all to star in a movie even if it meant watching Harvey Weinstein jack off twice a day for a whole year. “And I’m not saying it has to be 10 million bucks either –I’d be happy with a million.” Asked what kind of message that was sent to young insurance agent just starting out he said “To the new hot shots? I’d  say listen to papa: loading up some dumb couple with everything from Whole Life to a mental health plan for their cat might sound like a big evening,  but it ain’t all glory. One time  I  spent 3 hours over a glass coffee table while this couple’s  grandmother sat there with her robe hiked up over her belt line That image doesn’t go away soon–probably be in my dying thoughts.  And for what? Net-net $145 in commissions. Are you telling me I couldn’t watch Weinstein pull his pud for, I don’t know, a thousand times that money ?”

When we pointed out that it wasn’t that easy. From what we’ve read in Variety Online, movie actors have to get up at 5 AM  to get to “makeup”, stay sober all day so they can remember lines and keep in character even if they are playing aliens from another planet. Suggs shrugged and said. “I’ve been around long enough to know Show Biz is more than just the casting couch ”